To celebrate the long weekend, we decided it would be a good idea to build ourselves a raft. Using old 2×4’s and plywood, we built a 8′ x 10′ raft. Using ~60 large jugs for floatation, our rough calculations told us that our raft could support up to 1600lbs. This made us quite confident our raft would easily be able to carry us to our destination in comfort.

The Raft

We planned to start West of Brandon, MB and float our way to 1st Street where we would return to land. We launched from under the highway bridge which crossed the river.

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Amazingly the raft worked! After launching the raft was incredibly stable and did not seem to be sinking.

Rafting the Assiniboine

We nearly completed our trip without any issues, except for one fallen tree which nearly swept the raft clean.

Relaxing on the River

Our trip lasted close to 5 hours, which was longer than we had expect, especially since the current was so fast. We had also started a lot later in the day than we would have preferred and after the 5 hour adventure, the sun was beginning to set. We cut our trip short and headed for land. The raft was recovered and has been stored away for future adventures. I anticipate more couches and perhaps a BBQ.