On October 23rd, the annual Winnipeg Zombie Walk took place. Thousands of living dead attended, flooding downtown streets and sidewalks.

Credit: Travail Design

Someone would need to “take care of” these zombies, that’s where we came in. City of Winnipeg Zombie Disposal.

Credit: Donn Coppens

Credit: Ruby Soho

The fight was long and bloody, but soon the streets were returned to their original zombie free state.

Credit: Shawn Fedora

In actuality, I bought a 92 Ford F150 at auction, painted it white and wrote the words City of Winnipeg Zombie Disposal on the sides. With an added amber beacon on the roof, we were able to create a semi-realistic looking public service vehicle.

The truck has a bit more of a purpose than just this one night however. I am in the midst of filming a Zombie Disposal mocumentary which should be completed late November. The Zombie Walk provided some fantastic footage and I look forward to putting it all together. Until then, keep surviving.