October 9th, 2010 we took the raft out for one more run down the river before the cold of fall/winter would set in. This time around we stepped it up by equipping our raft with two couches, a coal BBQ and a small stereo. Using our iPhones, we filmed what would be the most epic rafting video to ever be made.

At the end of the video you may have noticed that one of the couches is floating in the water, surprising not because of the fire. This would be because Trent had an unfortunate accident, only meters from our docking destination. While paddling the couch flipped over backwards; He went along with it, destroying his phone and him becoming uncomfortably wet. The couch was a loss but the raft was once again safely recovered.

We will most definitely be using the raft again next year. Of course we will have to find a way to top ourselves yet again.