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4 years of winters come together to create a compilation of laughs, good times, sick tricks and wrecks.
Locations include Big White, Lake Louise, Fernie, Asessippi, and more!

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2012 Car Rally Video


How much rally car can you buy for less than $500? Teams compete in a series of races and challenges to see who comes out on top.

1996 Mercury Sable
1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
1992 Honda Accord
1990 Pontiac Bonneville

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Epic Rafting 2: Hell or High Water


The flooding of the Assiniboine River wasn’t enough to stop us from taking our raft to the next level. Literally.
Last years raft has been improved with an upper deck. Again we brought along two couches, a coal BBQ, and enough beer to last us the trip.

2011 Totally Awesome Car Rally


Finally completed the video for the Totally Awesome Car Rally 2011. At this years event we were not able to complete as many challenges as we had the previous year. This was due to the fact that all of the cars were crying for death after only the second challenge.

In the end we all still have fun and one team was crowned the winner. With any luck, next year we will have more participants, hopefully driving more reliable vehicles. But really, what are the chances of that?

City of Winnipeg Zombie Disposal


The city’s zombie disposal unit struggles to clear the streets during Winnipeg’s largest zombie breakout ever.

The video was filmed during the 2010 Winnipeg Zombie Walk. The 2011 event is scheduled for October 14th and you can expect to see us again.

The Raft: Revisited


October 9th, 2010 we took the raft out for one more run down the river before the cold of fall/winter would set in. This time around we stepped it up by equipping our raft with two couches, a coal BBQ and a small stereo. Using our iPhones, we filmed what would be the most epic rafting video to ever be made.

At the end of the video you may have noticed that one of the couches is floating in the water, surprising not because of the fire. This would be because Trent had an unfortunate accident, only meters from our docking destination. While paddling the couch flipped over backwards; He went along with it, destroying his phone and him becoming uncomfortably wet. The couch was a loss but the raft was once again safely recovered.

We will most definitely be using the raft again next year. Of course we will have to find a way to top ourselves yet again.

Rafting the Assiniboine River


To celebrate the long weekend, we decided it would be a good idea to build ourselves a raft. Using old 2×4’s and plywood, we built a 8′ x 10′ raft. Using ~60 large jugs for floatation, our rough calculations told us that our raft could support up to 1600lbs. This made us quite confident our raft would easily be able to carry us to our destination in comfort.

The Raft

We planned to start West of Brandon, MB and float our way to 1st Street where we would return to land. We launched from under the highway bridge which crossed the river.

View Rafting the Assiniboine River in a larger map

Amazingly the raft worked! After launching the raft was incredibly stable and did not seem to be sinking.

Rafting the Assiniboine

We nearly completed our trip without any issues, except for one fallen tree which nearly swept the raft clean.

Relaxing on the River

Our trip lasted close to 5 hours, which was longer than we had expect, especially since the current was so fast. We had also started a lot later in the day than we would have preferred and after the 5 hour adventure, the sun was beginning to set. We cut our trip short and headed for land. The raft was recovered and has been stored away for future adventures. I anticipate more couches and perhaps a BBQ.

Totally Awesome Car Rally 2010


How much rally car can you buy for less than $500? Three teams compete through a series of challenging events in hopes that their car will come out on top.

This is the second year we’ve run the Totally Awesome Car Rally and it’s been a huge success.

All of the vehicles were bought for less than $500, and in fact the most expensive was only $250. We’re planning to host the rally again for the 2011 year and we hope that it will be better than ever. Details haven’t been worked out yet, but when they have I will make a post here.

If you are interested in participating in shenanigans like this, be sure to check back to be in the know.

Totally Awesome Car Rally


Ive put together a couple of videos from last years trial run of the Totally Awesome Car Rally. Competitors compete in a series of challenges throughout the day until and ultimate winner is declared. In our trial we had two events, a reverse relay race and a standard rally race.

For the most part our trial run was a complete failure, but having learned from our mistakes this years should be a complete success! Our original plans were to start in Rivers, MB and travel all the way to Winnipeg competing in challenges along the way. These plans all fell apart when Bill’s car “failed”.

This summer the rally will be held in the Westman area where any other vehicle “failures” can be easily taken care of. The 2010 Totally Awesome Car Rally is currently set for the end of June. With more competitors, more challenges and more cameras, the rally should be an event we won’t soon forget.

Sports Awesome Episode 5 Released


Yesterday I completed editing the 5th installment of Sports Awesome. For this episode we brought in a new co-host, Dane MacLellan. Overall the episode went well, however audio was somewhat of a pain. The audio and video were recorded separately during the shoot and this was my first experience matching them together. During the day of the shoot, we also filmed a tidbit on the Manitoba Bisons hockey team. This footage didn’t make it to the episode, however it will be edited and released sometime in the coming week.

[flv: 480 270]

Next time we film will hopefully be done in a studio with a blue screen, which should make for an interesting episode as well as a new editing challenge for me. I have always been interested in doing some green/blue screen work and this will give me my chance. Potential holiday episode?

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