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Shred; Bail.


4 years of winters come together to create a compilation of laughs, good times, sick tricks and wrecks.
Locations include Big White, Lake Louise, Fernie, Asessippi, and more!

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Fernie Snowboarding Video


As promised, here is the finished video of my snowboarding trip to Fernie in February. This will be the first video that I have made using Final Cut and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. This will also the first time that I’ve attempted using more complicated effects than fading in and out. I think they came out not too badly and look forward to playing around with them more in the future.

The original Fernie post can be found here:

Snowboarding in Fernie, BC


Today I returned from a snowboarding trip to Fernie, BC through Red River College. We rode in the mountains for 3 days while staying at the Stanford Inn. There was an overnight snow the night before our last day so we did get to enjoy some powder before we left.

Snowboarding in the mountains is nothing like the hills around Manitoba and was an awesome experience. Sadly the downside to the mountains is getting there. We took over a 15 hour bus trip across the prairies for this trip, and there is NOTHING on the prairies. Many of us on the trip decided that a flight would be worth the extra cash next time around.

We stayed in a 18 person chalet, which every night had at least 50 people in it during peak party times. Surprisingly, there were no damage charges or any extra fines despite a few damaged items (coffee pot, vents, doors, etc).

Through the trip we did do some filming so there should be a video out within the next few weeks, but I may kick out some smaller clips to YouTube before then.
More photos can be found on my Flickr page

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