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2012 Car Rally Video


How much rally car can you buy for less than $500? Teams compete in a series of races and challenges to see who comes out on top.

1996 Mercury Sable
1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
1992 Honda Accord
1990 Pontiac Bonneville

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2012 Totally Awesome Car Rally


The 2012 event has now come and gone and was an extreme success. With only minor set-backs (flat tires, low fuel, etc.), we were able to complete the event in record time.

With four cars, it was also our highest year for participation. We were able to get a lot of fantastic footage, which should make for a thrilling video to be released in the future.

Despite driving perhaps the slowest and poorest handling vehicle there, I managed to win my own rally. Some may complain it was rigged, but hey, you can’t argue with the results.

“Hoon Of The Day”


We’ve made the big time. The video from the 2010 Totally Awesome Car Rally has been awarded the prestigious title of “Hoon Of The Day” by the auto blog Jalopnik.

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2011 Totally Awesome Car Rally


Finally completed the video for the Totally Awesome Car Rally 2011. At this years event we were not able to complete as many challenges as we had the previous year. This was due to the fact that all of the cars were crying for death after only the second challenge.

In the end we all still have fun and one team was crowned the winner. With any luck, next year we will have more participants, hopefully driving more reliable vehicles. But really, what are the chances of that?

Totally Awesome Car Rally 2010


How much rally car can you buy for less than $500? Three teams compete through a series of challenging events in hopes that their car will come out on top.

This is the second year we’ve run the Totally Awesome Car Rally and it’s been a huge success.

All of the vehicles were bought for less than $500, and in fact the most expensive was only $250. We’re planning to host the rally again for the 2011 year and we hope that it will be better than ever. Details haven’t been worked out yet, but when they have I will make a post here.

If you are interested in participating in shenanigans like this, be sure to check back to be in the know.

Totally Awesome Car Rally


Ive put together a couple of videos from last years trial run of the Totally Awesome Car Rally. Competitors compete in a series of challenges throughout the day until and ultimate winner is declared. In our trial we had two events, a reverse relay race and a standard rally race.

For the most part our trial run was a complete failure, but having learned from our mistakes this years should be a complete success! Our original plans were to start in Rivers, MB and travel all the way to Winnipeg competing in challenges along the way. These plans all fell apart when Bill’s car “failed”.

This summer the rally will be held in the Westman area where any other vehicle “failures” can be easily taken care of. The 2010 Totally Awesome Car Rally is currently set for the end of June. With more competitors, more challenges and more cameras, the rally should be an event we won’t soon forget.

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